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3 Strategies for Using Drones When Marketing your Business

3 Strategies for Using Drones When Marketing your Business

Drones are a new phenomenon, offering groundbreaking opportunities in the world of marketing. Once seen as merely an experimental tool or toy, today’s drones are becoming incredibly effective in the hand of skillful marketers. Amazon, for example, used their Amazon Prime Air campaign to capture the power of drones as the future of package delivery, and utilized actual drone footage to showcase images of their drone flying to its delivery destination. Whether Amazon’s idea materializes or not, their campaign demonstrates the creative potential and power of drones.

How can drones be used to further your business’ goals? In this article, we present 3 strategic ways that drones can be used to tell your story as a business.

1.    Cinematic Marketing

Drones allow your marketing video to capture stunning aerial shots, offering a cinematic backdrop that beautifully sets the tone for your presentation. Imagine seeing your business from above, as the camera zooms in, and captures the inner workings of what makes you special. Customers can watch and become drawn into your story, as the drone takes them on a tour of your building, to see what you do best.

Drones not only capture incredible, aerial footage, but they do so in a cost-effective manner. What used to take teams of people, helicopters, and expensive filming equipment, can now be accomplished with a single drone. Drones are smaller, often safer, and more efficient. With these factors in mind, consider that drones allow you to launch stunningly creative marketing campaigns, for less cost.

A word of warning: In the case of flying drones privately versus hiring a professional, it is usually recommended that you use a professional. FAA-insured drone pilots can legally use this technology, and spare you the headache of investing in equipment (and potential mistakes). Unless you plan on doing a ton of research and ensuring that you are FAA-insured, it is recommended that you talk to professional drone pilots.

2.    Light up the Sky

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In her halftime show, Lady Gaga (with the genius help of Intel!) used over 500 synchronized drones to create a stunning light show. (Agrawal, AJ, 2017) Similarly, for the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, Intel hosted a magnificent light show with 1208 synchronized drones, (setting a Guinness world record for the most drones used in any light show). China further pushed the limits when they replaced their traditional New Year’s fireworks show with a drone-powered light show! (Snibbe, Kurt, 2018)  Even Disney wants to use drones, for they have filed several patents to use drones in their theme parks, according to sources. (Snibbe, Kurt, 2018) These examples beautifully illustrate how drones can be used to create a unique effect that can grab your customers’ attention and increase sales, like creating a fireworks show, without fire!

Drones like these can cost anywhere from $100-$35,000, so their cost alone seems to prevent them from replacing fireworks shows anytime soon. (Snibbe, Kurt, 2018) However, as our world continues pushing the limits of technology, this price range could easily go down in the next decades. Such advances provide your business the opportunity to  light up the sky, and like Intel, showcase your logo a picture, or a message in the sky! Truly, only the sky’s the limit!

Photo courtesy: Intel

3.    Starring in Your Story

In a rapidly evolving world of technology, one way you can stay ahead of competitors is by showcasing every competitive advantage you have, including your drones. Thus, in addition to shooting aerial footage, drones can actually become the stars of your videos! Amazon understood this with Prime Air campaign, and you can use this strategy too, within your own campaigns. Your potential customers may be intrigued by your next marketing video, as they watch your new drones fly around. They can then see for themselves what drones see while they’re flying overhead.

As we can see from the above tips and strategies, drones provide tremendous potential for businesses to push the outer limits of imagination and set themselves apart from competitors. Yours could be one of those businesses. Depending on your goals as a business, you could become one of many key players in this new phenomenon of drone technology.


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